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Call Center versus Answering Service

We are pleased to be able to offer both types of service. While they can often be the same thing, and overlap in many areas in real terms, our Answering Services can offer a more personalized service, while the Call Center tends to offer a more virtual assistance type of service. Each phone answering service has its plus points, and when you have them both available together, it means we can provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it, every time, to make the communications part of your business run like a well-oiled machine. As some companies are shipping their call center jobs overseas, we are proud to be a US-based business employing hundreds of US customer service representatives.  We are also proud of being featured in recently in an article about our 25 years of success!

We Offer You Premier Nationwide Call Center Services and Live Telephone Answering Services working in association with:

  • Answering Service United
  • United Answering
  • Inland Answering Service, Inc.
  • AAA Messaging & Paging
  • United Call Center

Staff Retention With Low Turnover

We are proud to say that the people who work for us stay with us longer than the average length of time for our industry. This says two very important things about us:

  • Our staff likes to work for us, which means we must be considered a good employer.
  • The staff members you will find yourself dealing directly with are much more likely to be experienced professionals, rather than new members who are newly trained with a low experience level.

Of course, each and every member of our staff is fully capable of providing the full phone answering services you expect to receive. However, it is simply the case that staff members with longer experience, and therefore more expertise, can usually provide a more fully rounded professional service. We are proud to say that the majority of our staff members fall into this category. If you need our professional answering service telephone secretaries and Call Center Staff to appear to the people who call you as your own in-house staff, we can easily do that. You will never face a situation where one of our telephone secretaries answers your caller in person, and then proceeds to place them on hold in order to take another unrelated call. That is quite simply very unprofessional. We know you would not want this to happen with your answering service, so it never will. Furthermore, each and every one of your calls will be answered by one of our professional telephone secretaries. This is only what a caller would expect from a professional business like yours, and we strive to provide that impression with the live telephone answering service we can provide for you. You and your callers are our only priority – every time.

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