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Your business' calls answered every time, 24/7, exactly how you want with our live virtual receptionists.



Your receptionist will always answer with your company name, never be late for work, never miss a day, and will take calls 24 x 7, and that means your calls will never go unanswered.


Order taking requires much more than simply relaying a message. People skills are required, as well as knowledge of the product in question, and an accuracy of all the details involved.


With our message service, your callers will be presented with a personalized greeting every time. Each call will be answered in your company name as if the professional telephone receptionist concerned were an actual member of your staff.

Why Use an Answering Service?

Customers Prefer Phone Contact

Contact by phone is still one of the most common ways of getting in touch with a business. Getting a long phone menu or a voicemail system is frustrating to your customers.

We Answer Any Time

Calls arrive at any time. It can mean personnel are diverted from their work or the customer's call goes to voice mail if it's after hours or a holiday.

Save Time & Money

Using an answering service means you don't have to schedule someone to cover the phones. Answering Service United will always be on hand with no days off, no holiday requirements, and as far as you are concerned, we never get sick either.


Companies are beginning to realize their employees are the most effective when they are rested and when they can focus and concentrate. As Arianna Huffington says, “No one — not even the head of a 24/7 multimedia company — needs to be plugged in all the time.” We can help you and your employees unplug.

Call Center vs Answering Service

We are pleased to be able to offer both types of service. While they can often be the same thing, and overlap in many areas in real terms, our Answering Services can offer a more personalized service, while the Call Center tends to offer a more virtual assistance type of service. Each phone answering service has its plus points, and when you have them both available together, it means we can provide you with exactly what you need, when you need it, every time, to make the communications part of your business run like a well-oiled machine. As some companies are shipping their call center jobs overseas, we are proud to be a US-based business employing hundreds of US customer service representatives. We are also proud of being featured in TheStreet.com recently in an article about our 25 years of success!


"Answering Service United is the best investment that I’ve made in the last three years. I am an online company and needed someone to provide my customers with a warm, friendly voice and assist in placing their order. The agents know our product and polices so well that the caller has no idea that they are not calling the company direct. I would recommend their services to any business that is striving to provide excellent customer service!"


"Answering Service United is an essential part of our business. They allow us to be flexible and responsive to our clients 24×7. Thank you Answering Service United for everything you do."


"We have been using Answering Service United for the past 5 years, and couldn't be happier. We really appreciate the professionalism of their staff, and our patients appreciate the live friendly voices, instead of the voicemail we used before you."

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